2016 Anti Money Laundering Update

2016 Anti Money Laundering Update

Presenter: Bill Telford - 3 CPD Points

Course Description: The Proceeds of Crime Act and related legislation impose requirements on firms and individuals to report in certain circumstances or risk criminal sanction. In addition, firms are required to have procedures in place to forestall money laundering. The Bribery Act 2010 is now beginning to bite with convictions for bribery and failing to prevent bribery.

Regulatory reviews continue to identify non-compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations. The 4th Money Laundering Directive has now been adopted and has to be implemented in the UK by July 2017.  This course presents:-

Money laundering – an overview

  •         The Proceeds of Crime Act – an overview
  •         Terrorism and money laundering
  •         The Bribery Act and its implications for money laundering

Money laundering and the individual

Your responsibilities as an individual

  •             Client identity due diligence
  •             Reporting
  •             Avoiding tipping off

Your responsibilities as auditor

  •             ISA 240 (Fraud) and ISA 250 (Laws and Regulations) and interaction with Money Laundering

 Money laundering and the firm

  •         The responsibilities of the MLRO or equivalent

Money Laundering Directive 4
Building and applying a risk based approach
Investment fraud – current areas of concern

About the Presenter: Bill Telford BA FCA is a freelance lecturer, author and training consultant. Bill is well known as an authoritative and entertaining lecturer who specialises in auditing and financial reporting topics, and related areas such as the interaction between tax and accounts. 

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