How do I register?

Please click here to register: 


Where do I sign in?

Go to the Home Page and click on 'Sign In' at the top right hand side, then enter your email address and the password 'instantcpd' on the left of the page. Contact info@instantcpd.com for further assistance


How do I purchase a course?

Step 1: Register or sign in using your email address and password.

Step 2: Browse our Courses page to find a course or package that suits you.

Step 3: Purchase the course you require by following the on-screen steps using our secure Checkout.


Can I have a receipt? 

Yes – you will receive an automatically generated email after online purchases, sent to the email address provided when registering your account. You will also find a receipt on your Dashboard, under MY ORDERS. If you require a further VAT receipt, please email info@instantcpd.cpm with your request and order number. Telephone and Invoice purchases will be followed by an emailed VAT receipt upon payment. 


Is VAT included in the price? 

No, the prices on the website are net of VAT. For all countries of purchase where it is appropriate to charge VAT, it will be charged at the local rate, eg 20% for UK buyers, and is added at the Checkout.


How and where do I access my course?

Courses are accessible in your Dashboard, which can be found once you sign in. 


When will I be able to access my course? 

Your courses will show on your Dashboard immediately after completing payment. They will become accessible as soon as they have been filmed and produced. The month at the end of which they will ‘go live’ will be shown in brackets after the course title. Once ‘live’, you will see a row of red dots, indicating the course sections.


There are no courses in my account

Access to your courses may have expired. The date of expiry is/was shown underneath each course title on your Dashboard.

You may have a Company/Multi-user account, in which case, the courses will be waiting under the Multi-user part of your Dashboard. Please see HERE for further information.


How many CPD Points/Hours/Units is each course? 

Most of our CPD course videos last for 90 minutes, and are worth 2 CPD Points/Hours/Units owing to the extra time required to read and absorb the notes and to complete the MCQs.


Is there a test or exam at the end of the course? 

Yes – there is a short multiple choice test based on each course, which is compiled by the course lecturer. The questions will automatically follow the final section of each course and  must be completed in order to gain your Certificate of Completion.


I can’t proceed in my course

From time to time, your internet signal may not be strong enough to pick up wher you have got to in the video and relay it to our server. This will be a local issue, beyond our control. However, it may help if you reduce the resolution of the video. See HERE for furtjer information. It is vital that you watch each course section in full.


Can I share access with a friend/colleague/partner?

No – single user accounts are for individual purchasers only. However, we do provide multi-user accounts which will cover your practice. Please click here for more information on practice memberships. 

Those with multi-user accounts will also gain individual certificates. For practice memberships where group viewing sessions may take place, we ask that you note attendance for each user, and then inform Instant CPD, so that we can issue appropriate certificates. 


Do you provide evidence of completion for CPD records/Where are my Certificates? 

Yes – after successfully completing each course and its MCQs, a Certificate of Completion will be automatically generated and stored as a downloadable PDF on your Dashboard. This is accredited by the CPD Standards Office and includes the user’s full name, the course title, the number of CPD points gained, and the date of completion. 


How long do I have to view the course?

Access to your purchased courses depends upon the course or package of courses that you have purchased, but most expire at midnight of 31st December at the end of the year in which you make your purchase. If you are purchasing a ‘Pre-release’ package in November or December, then this will be the following calendar year. The date BEFORE which you must complete your courses is shown underneath each course on your Dashboard. After that, access will be lost, except for completed courses, ,which remain indefinitely on your Dashboard under your ‘Course’ History’.


Do I have to complete the course is one session or can I split across a number of sessions?



Do I need any special software to view the courses? 



Can I view the courses on my phone or tablet device? 

Yes, courses can be viewed on any device with an internet connection.


If I have more questions, how do I contact you?

You can email us here or telephone 0121 308 5252. If we cannot answer your call, please leave a message stating you name clearly, together with your email address and your telephone number and a short explanation of your query. We will respond on the next working day if not sooner.  You can also consult the various articles on our Info section HERE.

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