Developing Your Practice 2016

Developing Your Practice 2016

Mark Lee - 2 CPD Points

During this online course by Mark Lee, you will learn both what you can do to develop your practice, and how to take actions that will really make a difference.

Mark will cover a load of practical and commercial ideas that work for practices like yours. Mark specialises in avoiding any hype or telling you that you MUST do anything. With one exception. If you want to develop your practice, if you want things to be different, then YOU must do something different. After all, if you carry on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll only carry on getting what you’ve always got. With the world changing around us, things might not stay the same, they might get worse if we simply continue to do what we’ve always done before.

Therefore, this course will work on clarifying your objectives, setting your focus and the key steps to help you get your practice where you want it to be.

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