Digital Marketing Strategies

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Digital Marketing Strategies

£30.00 (Exc. VAT)
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Presented by Josh Harris. 1.5 CPD Points

This interactive course presented by Josh Harris gives you an overview of how to build a Digital Marketing Funnel for your business. Digital Marketing in its simplest form is using digital media to broadcast your business’s specific message. Taking you through the funnel step-by-step, Josh will explain how to use websites with a high digital footfall such as Facebook or Google to attract prospects into your content marketing flow, and in turn how to turn those prospects into long-term clients.

The steps of the funnel will be as follows; the core message, traffic sources, lead magnets, tripwires, core products, profit maximizers, and the return path. Josh shares insights from his experience of building a Digital Marketing Funnel and this timely course will be helpful to you no matter your experience with online marketing.

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