Internet Marketing for Accountants

Internet Marketing for Accountants

Presented by David Frieslander - 2 CPD Points.

Course Description: You’re an accountant, maybe not marketing savvy and probably not a web designer. This introduction course will show, teach and help you better understand the internet from your customers/prospects view point.

Presenter David Frieslander will guide you through the various internet marketing areas available to you. The presentation assumes you have limited knowledge of search engines, adwords and the use of code in websites.

This is an introduction to this subject and gives the viewer a greater understanding to be able to challenge and engage with web designers and internet marketing companies.

This course is ideal for accountants because it will help destroy myths and give you a good insight into various areas of internet marketing. With this course you will have a basic understanding of search engine optimisation, backlinks, adwords, email marketing and a good overview of what makes an accountant's website great.

About the Presenter: David’s original background was in Hotel & Events Management.  However, David invented a series of leather cases for the original Palm Pilot and based on a theory set up i2iuk on the internet. His success was noticed and a successful speaking career began that now brought international engagements before thousands of people in the UK, Europe and Russia.

Consequently, David set up ‘Profitable Internet Marketing’, and proceeded to publish books, videos, and audio tapes, as well as regularly writing for Better Business Magazine and the Marketing Guild.

He is owner or major share-holder in a number of successful online e-commerce businesses such as and

Today PIMdesign hosts, designs and markets websites for hundreds of his clients.

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